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Curriculum for Full Day Preschool Classes 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge..." Albert Einstein

Our curriculum for ages 31 months to school-age focuses on the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child and encourages curiosity and independence.

- A Thru Z! Read with Me! -Oh, what fun! Get ready to learn a multitude of reading readiness activities that will take you beyond the ABC adventure into a "funtastic" reading world.

-Crazy Kitchen Science! - Step back Mom! I'm in the kitchen. Children will explore the fundamental principles of science while creating scientific concoctions as they perform hands-on experiments.

-Where's Einstein? It's Math Time!- Children will travel around the world learning math skills as they look for Mr. Einstein. They will create and use math strategies to solve the day-by-day mysteries of Where's Einstein?

- Science in a Box- These curious sleuths will discover the wonderful adventures that come in a box. Get ready to open your mind and grab the "gift"..... your imagination!

-TouchMath- Why not implement a program that ignites the curiosity, help build self-confidence, learn math through the joy of playing games, and develop a love that will last a life time? The wonderful, wacky world of numbers start with TouchMath.

-Lights, Camera, Let's Draw- Children will learn how to create lines, use colors, develop shapes, and draw while they study with Young Picasso.

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