Can You Trust Online Blackjack?

One of the most popular games that many online casinos in all parts of the world feature is blackjack. It is a table game that you play against the dealer. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain how to play online blackjack and how you can know if the game can be trusted. If you are looking for the best game reviews, visit .

Playing Online Blackjack

Although to an extent, blackjack is considered a skill game. That does not mean you need any advanced skills before you can play the game. Blackjack is a card game and the goal is for you to have higher card values that what the card value of the dealer is but not over 21. To begin the game, you'll need to place your bet on the blackjack table.

After placing your bets on the blackjack table, then the dealer will begin to deal cards. Two cards will be given to you, and if there are other players, they will also receive two cards. After dealing the cards to the players, the dealer will also take two cards from the deck. Depending on the on blackjack variation the cards dealt can be face up or face down.

Blackjack Player Actions

The next thing after the cards have been dealt is for players to use a player action to indicate how they want to proceed in the game. There are several actions available in blackjack depending on the variation but we will discuss the basic ones. Hit action is used when players want an additional card to help boost the value of their hand.

Stand blackjack option is used if players don't want to collect any more cards from the dealer so as not to exceed 21. In blackjack, if it happens that you exceed 21, you've lost the game round. Double Down is another blackjack option which is used for doubling your initial bet size. As for Split option, you use it split initial cards that are pair into two.

Is Online Blackjack Safe?

Online blackjack are developed by game providers. These game providers are vetted by several authorities and they have multiple licenses. When they develop a blackjack game, the games are also tested and checked before they are allowed to be released into the gaming market for players to enjoy. In some cases, they may need to provide the game in test mode before requiring real money.

To also ensure that the game is safe, developers ensure that their casinos regularly audit the game. By auditing the blackjack games, they can tell if it is rigged or if anyone has tampered with the games. Some of the best and popular audit companies that work with both developers as well as casinos in auditing blackjack games are iTech Labs and eCOGRA.

Understanding RNG in Online Blackjack

Online blackjack or virtual blackjack is handled by a computer program. The shuffling and dealing is done automatically by the computer without the interference of humans. To make sure that the game is fair to all players and that anyone can win in the game or get any card combination, developers use RNG while designing the games. RNG is an acronym for Random Number Generator.

RNG is a mathematical program or code that is capable of generating millions of sequence of numbers within a second. These sequence of the numbers generated is what is used to handle the shuffling of the card so that it is completely random. This way, players won't find it easy to guess the outcome of the game and that makes it fair to play.

Play Blackjack at a Top Online Casino

Now that we've explained how to play the game as well as the different security measures put in place by the developer to ensure that the game is safe, let's talk about choosing a blackjack casino site. The casino site you choose to play blackjack will determine the kind of experience you'll likely get. Thus, always make sure that you play at a reputable and licensed casino.

Top casinos do not take the safety of their players lightly. They use several technologies such as SSL and firewalls to encrypt their website and keep information and money of players safe. By doing that, they've also encrypted access to the blackjack games and make it difficult for an attacker to tamper with it. Overall, online blackjack can be trusted depending on the provider and casino featuring it.